Youtube Videos

Jean Baudrillard – Simulacra & Simulation – by Valkyrist

The Philosophy of the Unabomber – by Sisyphus 55

Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion – by Liberty or Death Media

Meditation is Easier Than You Think – by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

Why Cosmic Horror is Hard to Make – by Screened

Sadhguru on Jiddu Krishnamurti – by Sadhguru

They Call Me Dr. Manhatten – by Flashback FM

Baudrillard and the Postmodern Condition – by CKK Philosophy

The Art of Being Yourself – by Caroline McHugh (TEDx Talk)

To Anyone Feeling Lonely – by Lana Blakely

Go All the Way – by Charles Bukowski

How An Artist Turns Pro – by Storytellers

Kim Jung Gi – How to Become a Master – by Proko

Why You Don’t Need to be Extraordinary – by School of Life

Jacques Derrida: Fear of Writing – by Jacques Derrida

Know Your Value – by Anna Akana

In the Mouth of Madness: Who Writes Reality? – by Real Delusional Pictures

How to Stay Motivated – by Improvement Pill

Why We Feel Empty – Lacan Explained – by The Zombie Drug

How to Outsmart Everybody Else – by Better Chapter (spoiler: by writing!)